The Littlewoods Building is famous for being a boldly unique, art deco masterpiece. It was always meant to be epic, with almost a kilometre of stucco-faced façade across the two original wings of the building.

It’s been sitting unused for decades under threat of demolition, but now TIME + SPACE Studios and Capital and Centric are turning it into a world-class media hub, featuring film & TV studios to be operated using the Twickenham Studios brand.


The wings of the Littlewoods Building and the giant sound stages will be producing media content that will be engaged with and seen by a global audience, putting Liverpool back in the spotlight. We’re working with a number of tenants, each the best in class for their discipline, to ensure that Littlewoods Studios will be just as ground-breaking as the incredible building it’s housed in.

Home to an array of creative workspace and workshop accommodation, it will be a one-stop shop for media creation, all centred around an expansive multi-purpose food and drink hub, featuring a 150-seat screening room for everything from artisan film screenings to showcases for media students.

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